Shabbos Tzuzamen Recap 2023

Shabbos Tzuzamen Recap 2023

Video: Short Film Documents Global Shabbatons For Young Shluchim

Video: Thousands of young Shluchim, gathered in over 120 locations worldwide for the annual “Shabbos Tzuzamen” organized by MyShliach at Merkos 302. The young Shluchim, from 15 different countries and six continents, spent the weekend connecting with their peers, playing custom Shabbos Tzuzamen games, and enjoying an uplifting Shabbos experience.

One of those Shabbatons took place at the home of the Jacobson family. Shluchim in Punta Gorda, Florida, with the nearest Shluchim nearly an hour away, opportunities to socialize with fellow Shluchim are rare. “Usually, I’m not able to spend time with other shluchim my age and Shabbos Tzuzamen brought us together for the best shabbos ever,” says 12-year-old Levi Jacobson. One of those friends that made the trek to Punta Gorda for the inspirational Shabbos was 12-year-old Shua Bukiet from Bradenton, Florida, “as Shluchim, we need time to energize and rejuvenate so that we can help others,” said Bukiet. 

The once-a-year Shabbatons brought together nearly 2000 young Shluchim and their staff for a Shabbos of fun, connection, and inspiration. 

The Shabbatons began on Friday, with the Yaldei Hashluchim receiving their Shabbos Tzuzamen merch shipped to them from NY and getting to meet new friends with exciting icebreaker activities, as well as Shabbos Tzuzamen crafts, and preparing for Shabbos. The Shabbos was filled with exciting activities, including custom-themed games of “Blurt’ and “Charades,”  A Chassidus session, Davening, and Seudas Shabbos filled with songs, stories, and games.

On Motzai Shabbos, the young Shluchim joined a live zoom Melava Malka program connecting the 120 Shabbaton locations worldwide. The event was hosted by Rabbi Mendel Denburg of MyShliach and featured a concert by Berel Faiden and Mendy Kraus, as well as a magic show by the world-famous illusionist Mike Spade. The event opened with Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, speaking with the Yaldei HaShluchim about their unique role as young Shluchim of the Rebbe and the importance of unity. Following the engaging and fun program filled with stories, raffles and games, the Yaldei Hashluchim broke into joyous dancing and singing, creating an incredible atmosphere transcending the physical distance separating the Shabbatons.

“The Rebbe always spoke about the concept of איש את רעהו יאמר חזק, that Chassidim should strengthen each other,” said Rabbi Kotlarsky. “The Young Shluchim are the Rebbe’s Special Forces to bring Moshiach, and they need particular chizuk from one another. We hope the friendships and positive hachlatos continue for a long time.”

Parents of the young Shluchim also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to see their children connect with other young Shluchim. “Our children don’t receive a lot of “Chassishe״ Shabbos experiences,” said Rabbi Eli Reyder of Myrtle Beach, SC, “to be part of this Shabbos, make new friends, and feel a part of the amazing global Shluchim family, gives my children excitement for a long time.”

In conclusion, Shabbos Tzuzamen was a powerful and impactful experience for the young Shluchim and their families. The event brought together thousands of young Shluchim for a weekend of connection, inspiration, and fun, providing them with the opportunity to strengthen their bond with one another and their unique Shlichus.

“Shabbos Tzuzamen” was made possible by

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky,

Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky,

Executive Director of Merkos 302

Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz

MyShliach Director

Rabbi Yossi Elberg

MyShliach Program Director 

Rabbi Mendel Denburg 

Shabbos Tzuzamen Director

Rabbi Chesky Vogel

Shabbos Tzuzamen Director

Rabbi Avremel Silberberg 

Host Coordinator

Rabbi Zalman Weingarten

Host Coordinator

Ms. Risa Brikman

Girls Staff Coordinator

And all the Shluchim Host Families

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