Seder-To-Go Is Here To Stay

Seder-To-Go Is Here To Stay

Introduced to the public during the Covid lockdown, the Seder-To-Go kits have evolved to be a tool for Shluchim to empower their community members to lead seders of their own and are now available for Anash to distribute.

Although large public Sedorim have been a Chabad classic for decades, in recent years, the Seder-To-Go kits have burst onto the scene. While Shluchim and Merkos Shluchim worldwide continue to host large crowds, many Jews prefer to celebrate in a smaller environment, leading a Seder for their family and friends. 

Chabad-On-Call first formulated the idea of a DIY Seder package to provide a seder experience for those “stuck” in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or the home-bound elderly. When Covid forced the world into lockdown, virtually everyone became “stuck” at home, and the project expanded tremendously. Requests came pouring in from communities across the globe. Over 30,000 kits were delivered, bringing the Seder to families and homes.

Although Covid lockdowns have subsided, the at-home Seder is here to stay!

“As restrictions were lifted and Pesach was approaching, we were excited to once again host the usual packed Seder at our Chabad House,” said Rabbi Mendy Zweibel, Shliach in Chico, CA. “We quickly realized that many in our community had grown comfortable with the at-home model. Our job as Shluchim is to constantly adapt to the needs of our community. So we shifted our focus to empowering families to lead seders of their own. The Seder-To-Go kits were a huge hit!”

The box was designed to deliver a simple and modern yet authentic Seder experience. The customized carry kit contains a newly printed Art Haggadah, a decorated Seder plate, a family card game, a Kiddush cup, and much more. Wherever one may find themself, Seder to Go gives men and women the opportunity to lead a Seder on their own.

“People have discovered the warmth and joy of making their own Seder,” explained Mrs. Chani Goldberg, Director of Chabad on Call. “Many people have discovered the beauty of the traditional Seder with their close family and friends. They now can create an authentic and family-style Seder from the comfort of their homes.”

Shluchim have been using this fantastic resource for several years, and Seder to Go has now been made available for purchase to Anash for use in their Mivtzoim. 

“Each of us has a unique ability to spread the light of Torah and Mitzvos,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Director of Merkos 302. “We are sure to encounter someone that does not plan on joining a seder. Be it your coworker, dentist, or neighbor, you can now share with them the Mitzvos and the joy of Pesach.”

Bring a kit wherever you go, and share the mitzvah of Pesach with Jews in your community!

Now open to all Anash – Supplies are limited; order today!

For a complete list of everything in the kit, click here:

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