Revolutionary Jewish Dating Program Set For NYC Debut at CYP Shabbaton This Week After successfully launching around the world, the Met@Chabad dating event is coming to NYC at this week’s CYP Encounter Shabbaton.

Revolutionary Jewish Dating Program Set For NYC Debut at CYP Shabbaton This Week After successfully launching around the world, the Met@Chabad dating event is coming to NYC at this week’s CYP Encounter Shabbaton.

By Zelig Katzman

After successfully launching worldwide this past year, Met@Chabad is finally coming to New York at the
annual CYP Encounter Crown Heights Shabbaton this weekend. The hundreds of like-minded young
Jewish professionals converging for a Shabbos of inspiration and connection hopes to be the perfect
setting for the launch of Met@Chabad in the big apple.
In addition to the unforgettable immersive Jewish experience, the CYP Shabbaton focuses on
empowering young professionals with the proper tools to navigate the challenges they face living in
today’s world. Workshops on topics such as balancing faith and career, self-improvement, and how to
discover your soulmate are being presented by noted scholars, such as Rabbi Simon and Shaindy
Jacobson. This year the Met@Chabad dating program hopes to take the Shabbaton’s lofty ambitions to
the next level.
Geared towards setting up young Jewish professionals with their soulmates, the world-renowned
Met@Chabad program is a bold and innovative attempt to help bring the Rebbe’s approach to
Shidduchim and marriage to a broader audience. By encouraging a values-based approach to dating,
singles are taught to look for a partner with whom they share a common outlook on life, marriage, and
Jewish commitment. When contrasted with the typical dating apps and events, it provides a more
effective path for singles who are frustrated with the results of the more conventional forms of dating,
which can be unfocused and aimless, often leading to much heartbreak and disappointment.
The success of the Met@Chabad Social Mixer events worldwide can be attributed to the unique fusion
of timeless Jewish matchmaking techniques and modern technology employed to pair up prospective
couples. Through the pre-event value-based questionnaire and a special AI algorithm, the young adults
are linked to those sharing similar life values, beliefs, and ambitions and are seen as compatible
“I’ve been to many different Jewish dating events,” said David Russ, an Aventura, Florida native who
works in digital advertising, “but Met @Chabad was by far the best I’ve ever been to. The group pairing
made it easy to meet people with similar levels of Jewish values. Using a game to help break the ice
made it easy to approach and meet new people. No other Jewish dating events I’ve ever attended had
such meaningful elements, and it really puts Met @Chabad above the rest.”
The event’s New York debut will take place this Friday night after the young professionals enjoy an
authentic Shabbos meal at the homes of their Crown Heights hosts. An all-star lineup of certified

Met@Chabad Shadchanim will be present to facilitate the program, including Mrs. Chayi Vogel, Mrs.
Sheva Tauby, Mrs. Tzirl Goldman, Mrs. Shaina Katz, Mrs. Gitty Webb, and Mrs. Chani Myhill. The
Shadchanim will be on the ground meeting the young professionals, helping them identify their core
values, answering questions, and breaking the ice, introducing the young adults to one another.
Confident that the fundamentals of a healthy relationship – common ground on the things that matter –
are already there, Met@Chabad frees the young professionals to explore the necessary chemistry factor
of the relationship without the fear that it is doomed to failure for lack of shared understanding on the
essential topics. The entertaining games and engaging programming of the event set the stage for a
relaxed environment in which these singles can become acquainted in a meaningful way.
“Since the launch of Met@Chabad, we’ve received so much heartwarming feedback from grateful young
couples around the world,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch.
“The confusion that so many deal with on the quest to find their soulmate is real, Met@Chabad is
bringing the Rebbe’s guidance and clarity to today’s youth, and we are seeing the results before our
To learn more and to sign up your young professionals for the Met@Chabad NYC event, please visit, email or click here to message CYP on Whatsapp.

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