Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Thanks Crown Heights

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Thanks Crown Heights

Dear Crown Heights,


How can we begin to express thanks for all that you’ve done?


You’ve opened your hearts and your homes so graciously time and time again. From the Chabad on Campus Shabbaton, the Kinus, the Girls Convention, Yud Shevat, Chof Bais Shevat, Kinus Hashluchos, JLI Shabbat in the heights and all the other simchas in between, you’ve displayed a level of hachnosas orchim like no other community in the world!


As we prepared for the CTeen Shabbaton, we wondered if you’d be able and ready to accommodate the 1,500 teens and shluchim we were expecting. The phones kept ringing, the registrations kept pouring in, and you kept opening your homes! Thank you!


When a fire broke out just a day before the Shabbaton, leaving six teens stranded with nowhere to go, you helped them find their way. When the snowstorm canceled the flights of over 300 teens, you accepted their extended stay with joy, and made them feel comfortable. Thank you for all of your gracious hospitality!


Thank you for the memorable Shabbos family meal experience on Shabbos afternoon. Those meals are sure to be ones that the teens talk about for years to come! We are humbled by your kindness, hospitality and flexibility.


We are also very thankful to the dedicated girls of Crown Heights who volunteered their time and talents preparing for the shabbaton.

As Samantha Rosenthal from Plano, TX said of her experience:

“My time in Crown Heights taught me many valuable life lessons. The true feeling of belonging I experienced in my short time there ensured me that if I ever find myself lost throughout my life, I will always have a home that will take me in and show me the way, even if it is halfway across the country.”

We truly feel privileged to be part of Kan Tziva Hashem Es Habrocha!

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky


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