Rabbi Kotlarsky Interviews Hundreds of Bochurim Embarking on Largest Pesach Merkos Shlichus Yet

Rabbi Kotlarsky Interviews Hundreds of Bochurim Embarking on Largest Pesach Merkos Shlichus Yet

As Pesach approaches, preparations are underway for the largest Merkos Shlichus yet, with nearly 800 Bochurim being dispatched to lead Sedarim around the world. The process for the Bochurim began with an in-depth questionnaire and personal interview conducted by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch.

The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the Bochurim are proper candidates for their Shlichus and have a full understanding of the incredible responsibility they have as Shluchim, including being proficient in basic Halachic questions, running sedorim and minyanim, kashering a kitchen, and even cooking the food.

Chabad Houses around the world are seeing an influx of participants this Pesach, and the Bochurim are being sent out to address the need. One notable location is Chabad of Thailand, which is known to be the largest seder ever and is anticipated to be even larger this year, with 7,000 participants expected. Bochurim will be dispatched to lead the Sedarim.

In addition to Thailand, the Bochurim will be sent to destinations such as Brazil, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Europe. Many European Shluchim are caring for tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees this Pesach, and the Bochurim will play a pivotal role in ensuring that every Jewish person has a complete Pesach experience, both physically and spiritually.

The logistics of coordinating hundreds of Bochurim to match each community and destination’s unique needs are an undertaking of enormous proportions. However, as Rabbi Kotlarsky explains, “The Rebbe entrusted us with the responsibility to bring Pesach to every Jew. If even one person who wouldn’t have been able to celebrate properly now has a meaningful Pesach, it’ll all be worth it.”

The Merkos Shlichus staff are working around the clock to arrange the logistics of this massive endeavor. The interviews, overseen by Rabbi Kotlarsky and coordinator Rabbi Shneur Nejar, are just the first step in the process. Throughout the past years, thousands of Bochurim have been sent out on behalf of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch to hundreds of places throughout the world.

This year, with the largest number of Bochurim yet, the Merkos Shlichus project is poised to bring the message of the Festival of Freedom to every single Jew. 

Visit https://www.merkosshlichus.com/donate to partner with Merkos in bringing an authentic Pesach experience to every Jew around the world. 

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