Purim One Stop Shop – Virtual or In-Person

Purim One Stop Shop – Virtual or In-Person

Close your eyes and think “Purim”, and let your mind conjure up images of joyful parties, Megillah readings, and good-old enjoyable Jewish fun and camaraderie.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, parties are the new pariah, gatherings replaced with Zoom lessons, and camaraderie has been postponed. Much of the typical celebration seems like a far off dream for Purim 2021.

Determined to let the show go on, “Merkos 302 – Special Projects” has adapted to the current situation with the launch of an all-new dedicated Purim site, providing easy access to many Purim needs.

An array of resources have been created, fully customizable to fit any chabad house and available to use for any style event. Drive through? We’ve got the content for those screen trucks, or the new Shushan Clan Photo Wall for family photoshoots. Socially distanced in person event? The all-inclusive Purim Palooza will get the spirit going. Enhance a virtual event with any one of these self-standing exciting programs, sure to inject good cheer into the Purim celebration for young and old.

The newly created “Mitzvos of Purim” Music Video, a rap explaining the 4 Mitzvos of Purim written and produced uniquely for Purim this year, is perfect for any style event, or to raise awareness by sharing on social media. 

The specially designed “Purim Palooza” includes Purim rapping by the talented Ari Lesser, comedy by Avi Lieberman, and a Kahoot Purim Game Show, with 3 options for different age groups. The Animated Purim Story, a short running multimedia presentation, will bring the timeless story of the Megillah to life for all ages.

“With so much unknown out there, one thing is certain,” says Levi Feldman of Merkos 302, creator of the project. “We have the resources and material to assist Shluchim in making their community’s Purim meaningful and fun, with great content for all ages. Purim 2021 can be remembered as the year we met the challenge, and not only persevered but spread the message of Purim in innovative ways never tried before”.

A vast array of resources, ideas and tools for all Purim events and Mivtzoyim needs are available.

It’s all waiting at purim.merkos302.com. Check it out today.

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