Preparations Underway For Largest Kinus Hashluchos Yet

Preparations Underway For Largest Kinus Hashluchos Yet

As the 33rd annual Kinus Hashluchos fast approaches, preparations are in full swing. The streets of Crown Heights are slowly filling with Shluchos arriving from 100 countries around the world. Beautifully designed banners welcome the Shluchos from all over the world. With the Kinus being held in a Hakhel year, it promises to be the largest one yet. The Kinus staff are working tirelessly to make sure everything runs efficiently and smoothly, so the Shluchos can expect a fantastic experience.

Commenting on the significance of this year’s Kinus, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of the International Conference of Shluchim, said, “The Kinus epitomizes the very essence of a Hakhel year. When we gather together to connect and draw inspiration from one another, giving us the inspiration to fulfill our Shlichus, that is what Hakhel is truly about.”

Photos by Itzik Roitman

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