Pizza ‘n Parsha on the House

Monday evenings are a time to look forward to for young men in the Hollywood, FL Jewish community. Led by Rabbi Shayke Tenenboim, program director of the Hollywood Community Synagogue, boys, bochurim and guys ages 18-30 enjoy Pizza ‘n Parsha on the house after maariv.

“The program is officially meant to run for about forty five minutes, but usually extends to be at least two hours,” says Rabbi Teneboim, or Rabbi Shayke as he is affectionately called.

“These guys are single and enjoy staying out late at night. Most of them come from frum but non-Chabad homes and enjoy the positivity that Chabad is famous for. The program begins with a shiur but inevitably takes on its own track with schmoozing, debating and discussion on any imaginable topic. Being accustomed to hearing about the punishments that away them for every sin they commit and the negative attidute through which Yiddishkeit is presented to them in their community, the boys thrive on the laid back, optimistic and encouraging atmosphere that is found in our Chabad House.”

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