Photos: Kinus Melava Malka and General Session

Motzoai Shabbos, before the general session of the Kinus, thousands of Shlucous met in the Oholei Torah lunch room for a Seudas Melava Malka and mini centers spa.

Following the Melava Malka, the shlucous packed into the Oholei Torah main ballroom for the general session, chaired by Mrs. Rivky Brikman from Brooklyn, NY.
The evening opened with a JEM video presentation from 10 Shvat 5742, Following speeches by: Mrs. Batya Rosenblum from Mount Lebanon, PA. Mrs. Goldie Avtzon from Hong Kong, China.  Mrs. Chanie Perlmutter from Long Beach, CA, and  Mrs. Devora I. Lewis from Old Tappan, NJ.

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