Photo Gallery: Young eyes capture the Shlichus world

MyShliach’s Online Photo Contest drew together yaldei hashluchim from all over the world to express their enthusiasm and passion for the Rebbe’s shlichus, along with their talent in photo composition.

Children sent in pictures of themselves doing the Rebbe’s shlichus in both far flung and nearby places. There was matzah on the slopes and tefillin with a bank manager. In all pictures, there were yiddishe children with smiles on their faces as they added more light into the world.

“We know that the Rebbe has much nachas when children are involved in hafotzas hamayonos,” says MyShliach’s girl’s coordinator, Mrs. Esther Malka Kleinman. “This contest was meant to encourage children to capture those moments on camera and share it with others.”

To enter the contest, children were required to send in a photo along with an explanation of what’s happening in the picture.

My Shliach judges have chosen four winners for their excellence in photo demonstration as well as their beautifully written explanation of its content.

The four winners are:  Dovid Ezagui from La Jolla, CA, Yehoshua Slavin from Mississauga, Ontario, Mashi Marcus from Mission Viejo, CA and Shoshana Blum from New York, NY.

For more details about this and other new and exciting programs visit or call 718-467-4400 x291.

Here are some of the pictures that ware submitted in the Contest. For the full gallery click here.

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