Overnight Camping Trip

Think of the bonding and memories that can be made on an overnight camping trip. In Mequon, WI, the “Guys and Boys Camping Trip” (and a separate, similar event for women) brings together fathers and sons in the community for an overnight trip that gives them the opportunity to build tents together, make a fire, go fishing, take hikes and play sports.

“The idea began when a few guys who were overworked wanted to step away from their busy schedules and spend time with their children,” explains Rabbi Moshe Rapoport. “It has grown over the years to include sometimes as many as 50 people.”

This kind of activity is not for everyone, but if done with wisdom and a sensitive balance of toichen with responsibility-free relaxation, it can foster meaningful conversations and a rare closeness. The natural and open environment allows people to ask unique questions on Yiddishkeit and stimulates discussions that are not typically found during Shacharis on Shabbos. Such an event requires careful planning and the ability to take it easy – be sure to pack good food and some frisbees and footballs.

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