Over 400 Kids Already Joined MyShliach’s Yud Alef Nissan Contest

By this time over 400 children have already joined MyShliach’s Contest – did you?

MyShliach’s Yud Aleph Nissan gift to the Rebbe encompasses two very important aspects of a young shliach or shlucha’s life: learning and shlichus.

In the first part of the contest, children of shluchim can earn raffle tickets by learning a designated sicha with a parent or MyShliach chavrusah over yom tov. After learning, children log on to MyShliach.com and fill out a questionnaire by Isru Chag to be entered into the raffle.

The second part of the contest features a grand photo contest with over 400 entries already submitted! To enter, submit a picture of yourself doing or participating in an act of shlichus, sharing the amazing adventures of helping others and giving nachas to the Rebbe. Pictures must be accompanied by a paragraph description of the picture.

For more information, visit www.MyShliach.com

Entries can now be sent by mail to:

MyShliach Photo Contest

788 Eastern Parkway #302

Brooklyn, NY 11213

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