Order Your Customized Seder-To-Go Kit Today

Order Your Customized Seder-To-Go Kit Today

Large public Seders may be impossible this year, but we know that the Seder will never be canceled.

With elements for everyone from the kids to the grandparents, Seder to Go is the perfect companion for every Jewish family remaining at home this Pesach. From the custom produced carry boxes and designed ke’arah containers to the neshek, family game, and exclusive contents for children, teens, and young adults, it’s a complete Pesach experience in a box like never before.

Now in its fourth year running, Chabad on Call’s Seder to Go kits were originated by director Mrs. Chani Goldberg to create an authentic Seder experience for those hospitalized or home-bound for the holiday. With last year’s outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for Seder kits suddenly skyrocketed; from a projected 1,200 kits, requests came piling in until worldwide production reached 48,000 sets.

“At a time when the world was thrown into lockdown and grappling with the challenges of sudden isolation, Seder to Go provided comfort and support to tens of thousands of families and individuals,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. It’s a symbol of care and connection from the Shluchim, provides Pesach needs to those who would otherwise go without, and serves as a source of faith and stability during uncertain times.

“It’s simple – without you I wouldn’t have done any Seder. This was my first time spending the holiday on my own, without friends or family, and as of Tuesday I did not even have a matzah at home,” said Louisette, a student from Washington State.

“The beauty of every item, even the little frog! It brought so much joy to our home at such a terrible time for us. It felt like a box of love, not just a Seder box. Thank you!” another appreciative community member texted his rabbi.

Each kit includes:

  • A fully designed carry box, with the name of your Moisad
  • Six designed leak-proof containers
  • A ke’arah placemat
  • A Hebrew/English annotated Haggadah by Kehot
  • A Seder how-to guide
  • A plastic silver becher
  • A plastic frog
  • Space for 3 matzahs and a bottle of wine
  • Neshek packaging
  • A game for the whole family, along with special add-ons from CKids, CTeen, and/or CYP!

Production is underway for Pesach 2021! With an unprecedented amount of families remaining home this year, orders have opened early to ensure quality stock and timely delivery.

All orders must be placed by 6 Adar/ February 18th.

Orders are open to all Shluchim! For more information or to place an order, visit coc.merkos302.com/sedertogo or email info@chabadoncall.com

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