New Moshiach Curriculum Released to Educate and Entertain Young Students

Keeping kids involved can be a challenge, M22 is here to help Hebrew school teachers, parents and camp counselors inform and inspire children about the most exciting event in world history–the immanent Coming of Moshiach.

M22 contains 22 games and activities about Geula, Moshiach, and much more.  According to Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz, the curriculum is a complete package.  “It follows the steps our sages have declared will take place in the order they will occur. So kids can get a real sense that, as the Rebbe told us, the Geula is unfolding before our eyes.”

Each section uses a poem to introduce the concept being taught.  The concept is then reinforced through a variety of games, videos, hunts, puzzles, and other activities.  In addition, each section contains an instructor’s page that outlines the points to be made, as well as establishes time frame and the rules for each game and activity.  This allows adults to tailor the curriculum to their specific students and circumstances.

M22 is one of made for children ages seven through 10, but can be used for students of all ages and backgrounds.  The curriculum is being produced by the International Moshiach Campaign, a project of the kinus hashluchim and a division of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, with special assistance provided by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky. It will be available at the Kinus Hashluchos Resourcse Fair on Motzoi Shabbos, as well as through


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