Achieving exponential growth on Shlichus

Achieving exponential growth on Shlichus

A brand new initiative by Merkos 302 in honor of Shivim Shana, that will broaden the scope of Shlichus exponentially; allowing Shluchim to extend the reach of a Mitzvah, in a contemporary, relevant, and revolutionary way. 

How can 5,000 Shluchim reach 14.5 Million Jews in a real and meaningful way? How do we ensure our Shlichus doesn’t stagnate and plateau with our limited mind space? Mitzvah Society provides a solution. 

There are approximately 14.5 million Jews in the world. There are a little bit more than 5,000 Shluchim around the globe. In order for Shluchim to reach every Jew, every Shliach would have to reach 2,900 Jews. According to anthropologist Roger Dunbar, humans are limited to having 150 meaningful relationships. Once 150 contacts are exceeded, the relationships are significantly less likely to be lasting or impactful. How do we as Shluchim resolve this problem? How do we spread the message and effect of Torah and Mitzvos, without sacrificing the integrity and authenticity of the message? 

More than 4,500 shluchim gathered at this year’s Kinnus to gain inspiration, motivation, and to strengthen their Avodas Hashlichus in all facets. The theme of this year’s Kinnus was Lishatef Kol Echad B’Avodas Hashlichus – to partner with every Jew in our shlichus mission. Shluchim were encouraged to empower their constituents and acquaintances to partner with them, to share Yiddishkeit with every Neshama in their Makom Hashlichus. 

The Rebbe spoke many times about how a part of the mission of Shluchim, is to help every Jew uncover his Shlichus. To help empower and inspire every Jew, to spread what they know, to all those that they know. The Rebbe did not want Shlichus to stop at inspiring Yidden in their Yiddishkeit, but for them to continue in their journey, and to find their own Shlichus.

The Rebbe taught that the barometer of successful Shlichus, is not only how many Yidden we reach, but how well we inspire them to teach. 

In fact, the Rebbe urged that in a matter of life and death, spiritually speaking, it is the call of the hour, and of utmost necessity, for everyone to join in the Avoda of Shlichus. The Rebbe applauded those that had influenced others, and highlighted the benefit and additional scope of reach, that is achieved when inspiring others to lead on their own.

If every Shliach and Shlucha would have 10 community members joining in their mission, maximizing their network of influence, and reaching their 150 meaningful relationships, we would be able to reach every single Jew in the world! 

To answer this call, Merkos 302 has launched a new initiative; Mitzvah Society. A program that provides an opportunity for everyone to share the beauty of a MItzvah with their friends, co-workers, and family, thus enabling them to take action in their personal Shlichus.

“In order for us to fulfill our Shlichus to reach every single Jew in the world”, urged Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, chairman of Merkos 302, “It is imperative that we involve and inspire our communities to partner with us in our holy work.”

Yiddishkeit is not limited to the Shliach or the Chabad House, but must spread to our community’s community, to their network of connections, and to their friends and families. Mitzvah Society  provides the tools for your Shlichus to spread its reach, to empower your community to teach, and to share the experience of Mitzvah – to every single Jew .

To celebrate Shivim Shanah of Yud Shvat, 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership, Mitzvah Society is launching their pilot program. Community members are challenged to be Mitzvah Ambassadors. In honor of Chof Beis Shvat, when the Rebbe specifically promoted the Mitzvah of Neshek – lighting Shabbos candles, we will be starting with the Mitzvah of Shabbos. Ambassadors are provided with a Shabbos kit, containing the basics of a DIY shabbos, with relevant commentary, insights and instructions on how to celebrate Shabbos. The kit can be appreciated by those that have never encountered Shabbos, or those that are looking for a fresh experience of this beautiful and holy day.   

“We recently hosted a group of families from our preschool for Shabbos”, says Rabbi Yossi Mintz, Shliach to Redondo Beach. “They had an incredible and uplifting time, and some families decided right then and there to take on the beautiful Mitzvah of Shabbos. I realized that unless they spend Shabbos with me, it will be very difficult to give them a proper experience. With the Shabbat kit from Mitzvah Society, I was able to arm them with the proper tools to celebrate Shabbos by themselves, and take the next step in their journey.”

We are a society in which the sharing of Mitzvah knows no limits. We invite you to partner with us, and become a Mitzvah Ambassador. Share the experience of a Mitzvah, and help others do the same. Discover your part in being a Shliach, and continue the chain of Shlichus, as we embark on a journey to light up the world, one mitzvah – and one encounter, at a time.

For more information on Mitzvah Society, or to become an Ambassador, please email:

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