New Format for the Gala Banquet

New Format for the Gala Banquet

The Kinus Vaad is pleased to announce that this year’s Kinus Hashluchim grand banquet will feature multiple speakers, via video and live presentations, by Shluchim and Baalei Batim from around the world, each delivering brief remarks about the impact of the Rebbe’s Shluchim and the global Shlichus network.

A fast-paced, multimedia program, intertwined with inspirational speakers and moving video presentations will highlight Chabad’s heroic response to recent natural disasters in the Caribbean islands and terror attacks in recent years, including in Nice, France.

Moving Shlichus-life presentations will feature captivating footage and uplifting messages from Shluchim stationed in remote locations across the globe, including Ghana, Africa; Birobidzhan, Russia; and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Greetings and remarks will be delivered by Shluchim from Chevron, Eretz Yisroel; Bangkok, Thailand; and Temecula, California.

The banquet will be addressed by world renowned attorney Benjamin Brafman of New York, who will share nostalgic memories of his youth growing up adjacent to 770 and his observations on the unprecedented growth of Chabad ever since. Yisrael Shechter of Toronto will share inspiring anecdotes of his interaction with shluchim in far-flung locations, and Charles Goldberg of Kansas, sharing his remarkable experiences with numerous campus shluchim.

As was announced last month, the Kinus banquet will be moving to a larger and spacious hall in Bayonne, New Jersey, to allow us to accommodate Shluchim and their guests more comfortably. The banquet will be on Sunday, 1 Kislev, 5778 – November 19, 2017.

Relive the moments from last year’s Kinus! Click on the link below to view a short recap of some wonderful moments.


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