MyShliach Regional Shabbaton Roundup

Over the past six weeks, MyShliach brought their “Regional Shabbatons” project to three new regions, bringing together 174 yaldei hashluchim from 79 cities in five countries in a series of eight regional shabbatons for a weekend of fun, chassidishkeit and camaraderie.

Scroll down for snapshots of the shabbatons in the Lower Atlantic (24 boys from 10 cities throughout Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia), Pacific Southwest (21 boys from 10 cities throughout Arizona, Nevada, Southern California), Northern Florida (23 boys from 11 cities), Middle America (32 boys from 14 cities throughout Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri), Azerbaijan (five boys from three countries in Eurasia), Southern New England (19 girls from 12 cities throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island), the Lone Star (20 girls from 10 cities throughout Texas), and Germany (30 girls from nine cities throughout Germany).

MyShliach is a project of Merkos Suite 302 for the benefit of Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide. MyShliach thanks the hosting shluchim for graciously opening their homes and Chabad Houses and for all of the time and energy they gave to host the shabbatons. Many thanks to Shmuel Eliyahu Hakohen ben Bracha for sponsoring the shabbatons.

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