MyShliach Launches “Shabbos Tzuzamen” a Local Shabbaton on a Global Scale

MyShliach Launches “Shabbos Tzuzamen” a Local Shabbaton on a Global Scale

Homework parties? Friends over for some basketball? It’s the stuff Yaldei Hashluchim can only dream of. Instead of running over to the next block to see a friend, they have to wait all year for camp or the Kinus, having to suffice with hanging out over Zoom or the phone until then. 

But what if friends were not that far? “After years of experience making regional shabbatons for young shluchim in the past, we realized that sometimes other Yaldei Hashluchim can be just a few miles away–or in the next city over!” shared Rabbi Shaya Itkin, program director of MyShliach. “We wanted to create a program so that shluchim’s kids all over the world could benefit from that.” 

And that’s how Shabbos Tzuzamen was born. For what promises to be the experience of a lifetime, this Parshas Tetzaveh the kids will be joining other local shluchim for mini Shabbatons hosted by one of their families, giving them the opportunity to bond and grow with their friends for over twenty-four hours of fun and Chassidishe inspiration. And with the logistics taken care of by the MyShliach team, making the mini Shabbatons will be a breeze. 

“These children are living with mesiras nefesh, and we need to be there for them,” explained Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302. “An enjoyable Shabbaton to spend with their friends will give them the koach to keep doing their shlichus with happiness and excitement.”  

Back at the MyShliach headquarters, preparations are full steam ahead. The all new “Shabbaton in a Box” (inspired by the famous “Farbrengen in a Box”) is already being prepared, replete with games and activities, a full schedule, song sheets, learning material and raffle tickets. And it doesn’t end there. For Shabbatons with more than ten children, a staff member will be sent to help assist, and the MyShliach team is available to answer questions and help however they can. 

“One of the most exciting parts of the program will definitely be the global Melaveh Malka on Motzei Shabbos,” says Rabbi Itkin. “The Yaldei Hashluchim will unite together with other regional Shabbatons across the world and really feel the achdus.”

Just days after launching, new locations were already popping up on the site map as excited shluchim signed up to host. And it’s no surprise! With so much to look forward to, kids from all over are already packing their suitcases. 

So what are you waiting for? Find your local Shabbaton (or become a host yourself!) at

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