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Congratulations to the hundreds of young Shluchim who participated in MyShliach’s “Shalsheles Hanesiim” project!

With the goal of fostering a greater knowledge in our chassidishe history, Yaldei Hashluchim were encouraged to learn important information about the Rebbeim from beautiful flashcards designed especially for this project. After studying the cards, participants were to create a presentation depicting the information.

The project was launched on Yud Alef Nissan, and participants had until Beis Iyar to complete their presentations. Over the course of just a few weeks, hundreds of participants submitted an impressive showing of creativity and talent. Videos, powerpoint presentations, artistic paintings and drawings, skits and poems displayed a thorough and comprehensive grasp of the material.

A panel of judges was appointed to select the top ten submissions.

“It was a very difficult decision.” Said Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of Ckids and one of the contest judges. “I was very impressed with all of the projects. Each one was tremendously creative and toichendik.”

We now present you with the 10 finalists:

Mendel, Shalom and Yehuda Fuss from Riverside, CA. Ari and Mendel Silberberg from London, ON. Menachem Mendel Baumgarten from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mendel Zaltzman from Niagara Falls, ON. Yossi Jacobson from Punta Gorda, FL. Chaim Yehuda Pewzner from Harrisburg, PA. Toiba Bigelman from Tucson, AZ. Chaya Lipskier from Fountain Hills, AZ. Deena, Mussi and Chaya Raskin from Rancho S. Fe, CA and Mushka Heidingsfeld from Simcha Monica, CA.

Your vote decides the winners! The three projects which receive the most votes will win a prize.

1st prize – Full set of Likkutei Sichos. 2nd prize – The Rebbeim Biography series. 3rd prize – Shluchim winter camp scholarship (partial scholarship to winter camp of your choice- choose from camps in Ukraine, Florida, California and Sweden)

In addition, anyone who submitted a project was entered into a raffle for a silver plated becher or candlestick.

“I really want to say congratulations and recognize the efforts of everyone who sent in a submission.” Said Rabbi Mendy Schanowitz, director of MyShliach. “Each one was truly a masterpiece.”

Click here to view submissions and vote.

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