MyShliach empowering Shluchos with new Chinuch Webinars

MyShliach empowering Shluchos with new Chinuch Webinars

MyShliach, a division of Merkos 302 devoted to providing services to benefit Yaldei HaShluchim, presents a new series of Webinars on Chinuch.

For Shluchim and Shluchos living in towns and cities without a Lubavitch school for their children to attend, providing an up-to-par chassidisher education is a struggle. MyShliach is spearheading initiatives to help parents provide their children with all the benefits of a chassidisher chinuch.

In this vein, a new series of courses for all Shluchos, especially those who are homeschooling their children or whose children attend online school, intends to give parents the skills to provide a quality chassidisher education for their children. Tools ordinarily accessible only to Chinuch professionals will be made available to all interested Shluchos.

Three separate courses will be held over a two week period beginning Thursday, July 8 and concluding with the final session on Tuesday, July 20.

MyShliach Chinuch Webinar: A Two-Part Series

With Mrs. Eidle Sputz MS CCC-SLP, BCBA-LBA

With the first session held on Tuesday, July 13 at 9:00 PM EST and a second session on Thursday, July 15, this two-part series will feature suggestions for creating a supportive environment to help your child with their challenges. The second half of the series will be devoted to addressing specific real-world challenges submitted by Shluchos themselves.

The course will be presented by Mrs. Eidle Sputz, who has worked in Special Education for over twenty years and is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Behavior Analyst. Eidle directs Yeled V’Yalda’s therapy center and Applied Behavior Analysis program in Crown Heights. She also oversees Yeled V’Yalda’s therapy service in multiple Crown Heights schools.

Confident Kriah Method: Pedagogy & Methodology

With Chani Karp MSEd

Beginning with a session on Thursday, July 8, between the hours of 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST and subsequent sessions on Monday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 14, master educator Chani Karp MSEd will present a course on teaching essential Kriah skills, entitled Confident Kriah Method.

The daughter of shluchim firmly rooted in the world of Chinuch, Chani is a Hebrew-reading specialist and has been practicing education and special education for close to 30 years. Her approach focuses on building confidence by encouraging healthy patterns of behavior and building critical skills to help maximize each student’s potential.

The Confident Kriah Method is a unique Kriah evaluation and intervention system Chani has developed based on years of research and training. Her system is based on the conviction that no one should feel frustrated by their lack of progress, angry at how hard it is, or embarrassed by poor reading skills. The Confident Kriah Method is individualized for students ranging in age from youth to adult.

Starting Chumash Right: A step-by-step approach for your children to learn and love Chumash

With Mrs. Shaindy Shapiro

On Thursday, July 15, between the hours of 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST, Mrs. Shaindy Shapiro will present the first of three sessions on introducing your child to Chumash in a manner that fosters both academic growth and love of learning. The following sessions will occur at the same time on Monday, July 19, and Tuesday, July 20.

Mrs. Shaindy Shapiro is an educational consultant and curriculum specialist, drawing on her extensive experience as a principal in various schools. She has developed a program entitled “Chinuch Concepts” that includes a comprehensive curriculum and workbooks for different Limudei Kodesh subjects, including Chumash and Tefillah. Mrs. Shapiro is a sought-after mentor and lecturer and has presented for Torah Umesorah, Menachem Education Foundation, and schools across the country.

The courses are open to all Shluchos.For more information about the courses and to register please visit

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