Motzei Shabbos program impresses

Emphasizing the theme of this year’s Kinus, of “Ishu’beiso”, Mrs. Aidel Kuraveky of Moscow, Russia, told theshluchos last night, “Shlichus is our family and family is our shlichus, when those two meet harmoniously, that is the most beautiful thing ever.”

Kuraveky was speaking at theGeneral Session of the Motzei Shabbos program of the International Conference of Shluchos, held in the main ballroom of Oholei Torah in Crown Heights.

Coordinated by Bassi Feldman of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Motzei Shabbos program has seen tremendous growth in the passed few year’s.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of the International kinus, is proud. “In the beginning there was just a MelaveMalkah, now there is the Shluchos resource fair, the main general session and a special video presentation.”

Mrs. Devorah L. Deitsch of Fort Washington, PA, chaired the evening’s general session, which was filled with inspirational speeches; an emotional musical tribute and a fun filled interactive game show titled, “Shluchos are winners.”

Deitsch spoke of “that special feeling”, that people walk away with after visiting shluchim’s homes. “When people walk into our homes and feel the warmth, love, modesty and beautiful family life, they walk away amazed and want to be able to connect to it and bring that feeling into their own homes.” Dietsch continued by saying, “That my friend’s is the power of “Ishu’beiso.”

Focusing on the idea of modesty and how it relates to our family life, Mrs. Ella Lerman, a recognized figure on tzinus, conveyed to the shluchos that, “It is our obligation to teach and impart this most important issue, you shluchos are the role models.”

A group of Shluchos from Maryland then presented a moving musical tribute in honor of three shluchos who passed away this year: ZlataGeisinsky, Esty Cohen and PessyMatusof.

Concluding the evening was a crowd pleasing interactive game show, which saw shluchos from around the world win exciting prizes.

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