Moshiach 101 Site Launched

Moshiach 101 Site Launched

What will the era of Moshiach be like? That’s the theme of a new advertising campaign launched by the Moshiach Campaign, a project of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinunch’s Suite 302. A half dozen or so full color ads, as well as 3 short video “teasers,” show how current challenges – such as the the current healthcare debate or global warming – will become a distant memories once the Geula occurs.

In addition to dramatizing changes to occur in the era of Moshaich, the campaign promotes, where visitors will find all the information they want about Moshiach, the Redemption, The Holy Temple, the Land of Israel, Global Peace, and much more. The website also features hundreds of hours of classes, videos, and presentations for Jews of all ages.

According to Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, of Merkos Inyonei Chinunch, has been designed to publicize Moshiach’s imminent arrival in an ofen hamiskabel. “A lot of effort has gone into developing multi-media materials that are creative, thought-provoking, and packed with Torah information; materials that we will use to bring Moshiach b’poel mamash.” is a joint project of the International Moshiach Campaign and To learn more about the ads, visit


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