Merkos, Tzach Launch ‘HakhelNation’

Merkos, Tzach Launch ‘HakhelNation’

Innovative ‘Digital Hakhel Card’ Among Many Resources to Make Hakhel Accessible for Everyone

BROOKLYN, New York —The Moshiach Office of Merkos 302, in partnership with the Hakhel Office of Tzach,  recently announced the launch of “HakhelNation,” a full suite of Hakhel resources for Chassidim, Shluchim, and anyone who wishes to fulfill the Rebbe’s directive of experiencing Hakhel for this year.

As this coming year of 5783 is a Hakhel year, the Rebbe’s repeated push to assemble people and carry out the spirit of Hakhel is on the mind of many. “HakhelNation” is there to provide the resources to make that happen, including an extensive central database listing all Hakhel events worldwide, fulfilling the Rebbe’s directive to have a central directory of Hakhel events. As more people use it, the database will only grow, increasing Hakhel participation in Jewish communities around the world.

Another exciting feature is the digital Hakhel card, a modern twist to fulfilling one of the Rebbe’s personal requests. During the Hakhel year of 5748, the Rebbe asked at a farbrengen that “Hakhel cards” be drawn up that people fill out, writing down how many Hakhel gatherings they commit to arranging and joining throughout the coming year.

“Ever since the Rebbe introduced the idea of Hakhel cards, seeing the classic design has always evoked an exciting Hakhel energy,” said Rabbi Mendel Braun, a member of Tzach’s Hakhel Committee and Program Director of HakhelNation. “This digital version makes that sentiment accessible to many more people.”

For those looking for ideas on how to gather people together or any other Hakhel-related questions, a dedicated hotline will be made available for anyone to call in and receive what they need to get their Hakhel commitment off the ground. The HakhelNation hotline will be constantly monitored to assist the wider public in all Hakhel-related information and programs. The number is: 949-9-H-A-K-H-E-L (949-942-5435)

“It’s well known that the Rebbe strongly encouraged the mitzvah of Hakhel whenever a Hakhel year came along,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, “This Tishrei, I urge everyone to visit the HakhelNation website and sign up with their digital Hakhel card. It’s a direct and appropriate way of fulfilling the Rebbe’s personal and heartfelt wish, and by joining together in fulfilling this directive, we will surely bring the Rebbe tremendous Nachas.”

To visit the HakhelNation website, log on to

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