Like to Bike? So Does the Rabbi!

At Chabad of Queens College in Flushing, New York, Rabbi Shaul and Tzipah Wertheimer found that they could use outlets of their own personal interests as a means to connect with students on campus.

“I find myself at home with two little kids who need to get out of the house,” explains Mrs. Tzipah Wertheimer. “A big double stroller and a bit of advertising was all I needed to get this program off the ground.”

“Walk and Talk – with the Rebbetzin” is a once-a-week opportunity for students to join Mrs. Wertheimer on a walk around the park and schmooze and consult with her in an informal manner.

Rabbi Wertheimer has always enjoyed biking and found that biking with the students during his weekly “Like to Bike” program has led him on a path of developing unique relationships with them.

“It’s a great feeling to have channeled one’s personal interest or hobby toward connecting with yet another Jew and another mitzvah,” Mrs. Wertheimer concludes.

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