Largest “Merkos Shlichus” in history

Two weeks after registration opened up for the upcoming annual Pesach “Merkos Shlichus”, the Merkos Shlichus office in Crown Heights closed registration this week, due to the overwhelming number of applications received from around the world. To date more than 600 applicants have applied.

The first step in a process saw the organizers begin on Wednesday a series of interviews conducted at the World Lubavitch headquarters. These interviews were overseen by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky Vice Chairman of ‘Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch’ and coordinator Rabbi Shneur Nejar.

The interviews were conducted in groups as individuals showed the importance of the responsibility of “Shlucho Shel Adam k’moso” and how it can be permeated into everyday shlichus.

In past years, thousands of bochurim have been sent out on behalf of ‘Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch’ to hundreds of places throughout the world. From New Zealand to Kenya, the Netherlands and Peru, the bochurim often travel to remote places where there is no permanent Chabad House or trace of yiddishkeit, all in order to bring the message of the Festival of Freedom with every single Jew.

“This year the number Merkos is sending out is close to 600 bochurim. This number is the largest that has ever gone out on Pesach “Merkos Shlichus”, says coordinator Rabbi Shneur Nejar, who together with Rabbi Mendel kotlarsky is working tirelessly to ensure the success of the project. “It’s amazing to see the overwhelming response from these bochurim and their desire to touch every Jew thereby carrying out the Rebbe Shlichus”.

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