Kinus Hashluchos: New Website and Open Registration

The Kinus Hashluchos Registration is now open, marking the occasion with the launch of a brand new, modern website. Alongside the registration, visitors will find schedules, travel resources, photo galleries and guest program information. The Kinus will, G-d willing, take place from January 26-31, 2011 corresponding to 21-26 Shevat.

A new registration system was also released today. “This system is going to make the registration process simple, fast and easy” says the committee of Kinus organizers.

The Kinus Vaad, on behalf of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, is currently working on the details of the Kinus schedule which will contain, as they do each year, a wide range of workshops, seminars and Farbrengens filled with inspiration for the Shluchos to take home with them to help them continue their valuable work during the coming year.

For details and registration, visit the Kinus website:
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