Kinus Hashluchos Announces Banquet Speaker

Kinus Hashluchos Announces Banquet Speaker

The Vaad Hakinus is excited to announce that Mrs. Chaya Chitrik of Istanbul, Turkey, will address the theme of the Kinus at the virtual gala.

Mrs. Chitrik and her husband have served the Jewish communities in and around Istanbul for nearly 20 years through their programming, hosting and teaching. They continue to raise their wonderful family in the Muslim country with grace and resilience.

We look forward to hearing from her and being inspired to continue our Avodas Hakodesh with vigor, until we accomplish our ultimate goal with the arrival of Moshiach.

Kinus Theme:

Due to the current circumstances this year’s Kinus Hashluchos will be entirely virtual.

The Kinus theme will be: …״און איך זאג לכתחילה אריבער״

This quote from the Rebbe Maharash will provide the shluchos with the strength and encouragement to face this year’s unique complexities.

The theme will be addressed throughout the weekend, with each day’s events focusing on a different variant of the theme.

The Kinus program will feature an exciting array of speakers, greetings, vignettes of Shlichus across the world, the Ohel program, practical and informative breakout sessions, farbrengens together with thousands of Shluchos, highlights from previous Kinusim, entertainment, and of course the “Grand Event” which will have a similar format to our annual banquet.

A novel highlight during the Kinus will be a 24 hour Farbrengen Room. At any time, morning or evening, night or day, inspirational stories will be shared and discussions will be continuous. Shluchos can have heart-to-heart talks, shmooze, ask questions, offer advice, share practical ideas, relate inspiring stories or just schmooze with fellow Shluchos. 

We are hopeful that in the near future the world will heal from the COVID-19 pandemic, global lock-downs will be lifted and we will once again be able to gather and farbreng together in person.

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