Kids’ Exodus Escape Room Launched Worldwide

In preparation for Pesach, over 100 shluchim worldwide are currently launching the Pesach Escape Room: The FreedoMan Files, a 45-minute fun filled “Exodus experience” specifically designed for children.

A project of CKids Club International, the Escape Room explores themes of Jewish identity, freedom, and pride, providing children with a whole new understanding of Pesach and the Seder. Participants will “travel back in time” 3,500 years to a land of Pharaohs, sorcerers, slaves, and miracles, incorporating teamwork and creative thinking to locate secret inscriptions, decode ancient messages, and unlock hidden doors to finally break free.

Among the 12 Torah passages chosen by the Rebbe for all children to memorize, we find the Talmudic instruction (Pesachim 118b): B’chol dor v’dor chayav adam liros es atzmo c’ilu hu yatza mimitzrayim—In each and every generation, you must personally sense your escape from Egypt.

The yearly Pesach Seder is the prime time and experience through which young and old “relive” yetzias mitzraym. But in the words of Shlomo Hamelech, “Chanoch l’naar al pi darkoEducate the child according to his/her needs”—and in every generation, Hashem provides new tools to reveal the meaning, relevance and fun of Judaism, like never before.

In the last ten years, Escape Rooms have emerged as one of the most popular action filled, interactive, adventure games in the world. With an emphasis on team-building and imaginative problem solving, Escape Room: The FreedoMan Files offers a hands-on voyage into the past as a means to gain deeper insight into our present and future.

Join thousands of Jewish children and adults around the world already geared up to “leave Egypt” this April 11th. CKids is a project of Merkos suite 302.


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