Kids Discover Purim Surprise

Hundreds of Shluchim’s children worldwide received a special Purim surprise in the mail: Mishloach Manos from MyShliach. The package of goodies is especially sweet as it may be the only Mishloach Manos the kids receive all Purim.

“Shlichus can often times be lonely for kids,” says Mrs Chaya Mushka Moscowitz, MyShliach Coordinator, “this is a way of showing that we care, and are constantly thinking of them.”

Included in the Mishloach Manos are smaller packages to be redistributed by Shluchim kids to other children in their community. “Children love receiving packages,” says Moscowitz. “We’re encouraging them to share the excitement with their friends and spread the joy of Purim.”

As part of a campaign entitled, “Purim around the World,” a card instructs the recipient of the Mishloach Manos to gift yet another child, ensuring the chain of Purim kindness continues. Additionally, kids who do Purim Mivtzoim and send the pictures to MyShliach will be entered into a raffle for a camera, and receive bonus miles in the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem program.

A group of volunteer Beis Rivkah girls spent hours at MyShliach headquarters in Chabad House HQ packing some 750 Mishloach Manos bags.  These were sent to the children in the Chayolei Tzivos Hashem division of My Shliach. Additionally, the girls of the MyShliach mentoring program sent out their own personalized Purim gifts to their “little sisters.”

“Children played a central role in the story of Purim,” says MyShliach director, Rabbi Mendy Schanowitz, “similarly today, children are on the front lines of Shlichus, and it is our duty to support and encourage them in any way possible.”

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