JNet launches global learning campaign to combat COVID and in honor of Yud Alef Nissan

With much of the world profoundly affected by COVID and many of us knowing someone personally who is in critical condition JNet has launched a learning campaign to bring healing to the world.

In the times of the Bal Shem Tov there was a plague that affected the town of Mezhibuz. When the people came to the Bal Shem Tov he told them the way to make a difference was through the letters of Torah. This includes the words of Torah and Tehillim and also writing a Sefer Torah. 
Let us do both! Please join us all over the world as we study a classic in depth chassidic discourse in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday and in the merit of a complete recovery and salvation to all those who have been affected by COVID!

To purchase a letter in a Sefer Torah specially dedicated to this cause click here
The discourse is the well known classic

לִקּוּטֵי תּוֹרָה פָּרָשַׁת וַיִקְרָא דִבּוּר הַמַתְחִיל
״אָדָם כִּי יַקֽרִיב״ 
“Offering Ourselves to Hashem” from Likutay Torah with a new phrase by phrase translation and commentary by Rabbi Avrohom T. Katz

Click here to view/download the Maamer

After studying the discourse participants can enter the raffle, include themselves on the list of participants and optionally share what they learned by taking a three question quiz, by on the link below. Participants can also dedicate the learning in the merit of someone they know who needs a speedy recovery.

Click here to enter the raffle

The winner will be announced on Monday, Yud Beis Nissan 5780 April 6th 2020.This campaign is dedicated for a complete and speedy recovery to all those who need one! 

At this time when so many people are quarantined, we encourage you to think about anyone who could benefit from learning one-on-one with a JNet chavrusa or if you can volunteer to learn with someone yourself.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at info@jnet.org or call or text 347-770-JNet (5638) 

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