JLI Makes “Aliya” to Israel

As JLI launches in Israel, hundreds flock to 20 Chabad Houses chosen to host JLI’s first course this week.

Administered by Tzach in Israel in partnership with JLI, the new courses in Hebrew are generating enormous feedback. “In the 19 years of my shlichus, I have never had an experience like this,” said Rabbi Yehuda Butman of Ramat Hasharon. “Over 60 students enrolled, among them prominent academics, lay leaders, donors and people I never would have expected to set foot in my Chabad House – and all were amazed by the experience.”

JLI’s Chairman, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, delivered greetings (via video) to participants in Israel’s first JLI Conference.

See promotional video, produced by JLI Central. Soul Quest Hebrew Promo:


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