JLI Hosts 7 Mega Events across Israel


One of the largest groups to ever visit Israel, the 2014 Rohr JLI Land & Spirit Israel Experience recently concluded its sprawling 10-day tour of the Holy Land.

Along the way, it held no less than seven mega events in cities across Israel, igniting an unprecedented show of solidarity with soldiers, Israelis, and the Jewish people at large.

In Kibutz Einat, Beit Shaan, Teveriah, Yerushalaim, Chevron and the large Southern IDF base, the 500 participants from across the world gathered to celebrate, listen, learn— and create memories for a lifetime. At the mass visit to the Kfar Chabad village, they learned about Chabad’s unique history in Eretz Yisroel and the impact it has until today.

At the plenary closing ceremony held in the shadow of Kfar Chabad’s 770, shluchim and laymen reflected on their odyssey and the lessons they had learned about their land, their people and their heritage.

JLI’s trip was spearheaded by a steering committee of Shluchim Rabbis Levi Klein, Sholom Raichik, Mendel Mangel, Dovid Flinkenstein, Chanoch Kaplan and Avi Richler and managed by the superb team at Israel Maven, headed by Zev Jacobson and JJ Jonah, and directed by Rabbi Boruch Cohen at JLI along with Rabbi Dubi Rabinowitz and Mrs. Shaina Mintz.

Photos by Mendy Hachtman & Bentzi Sasson

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