iConnect – Hiskashrus Campaign for Yaldei Hashluchim

As part of its efforts to offer a Chassidishe environment for shluchim’s children who live in remote communities, MyShliach has launched numerous initiatives that encourage Chassidishe hanhagos and hachlatos. In addition to its acclaimed mentoring program, MyShliach promotes parent-child learning, Birthday Zone, Chayolei Tzivos Hashem and other exciting programs.

Now, as Gimmel Tammuz is fast approaching, yaldei hashluchim will be working together to strengthen hiskashrus to the Rebbe through the newly launched “iConnect” campaign.

“iConnect helps yaldei hashluchim bring out their hiskashrus to the Rebbe in three different ways,” says Rabbi Mendy Schanowitz, Director of MyShliach. “Using an interactive interface, it covers the three aspects of machshava, dibbur and maaseh.”

For one week starting from Tuesday, 25 Sivan until the day of Gimmel Tammuz, children will tune in daily to the iConnect program directly through the telephone.

After dialing the number, children will be able to select iHear, iSing and iDo. They will listen to the entertaining program and follow the instructions to win lots of exciting prizes.

Every day another raffle will be drawn. The grand prize raffle for a giant trampoline will be drawn on Gimmel Tammuz.

The MyShliach program is a project of the Kinus Hashluchim. Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky adds: “This is another exciting initiative for yaldei hashluchim, helping them create a Chassidishe environment in their own hometowns.”

For more information and instructions visit myshliach.com.

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