Historic Shluchim Gathering in Westport

More than 150 Shluchim from New York and New England gathered on Sunday, the 20th of Sivan, at the brand new Chabad Center in Westport, CT. The new center is a remodeled inn originally built in the early 1800s. Rabbi Yehuda Leib and Nechama Dina Kantor hosted the Kinus, which also served as a fitting Chanukas Habayis.

“The Alter Rebbe was still in jail when this building was built,” said Rabbi Kantor in his opening address. “The purpose of his incarceration and subsequent freedom was to ensure that the wellsprings of Chassidus are spread to every corner of the globe. As a Shliach, standing on floorboards which were installed while the Alter Rebbe was fighting for Chassidus is a stark reminder and motivator to ensure that his work is continued with our efforts each and every day.”

The Rebbe entrusted Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, with organizing regional kinusim, It serves to inspire, invigorate and educate Shluchim with workshops, shiurim and farbrengens. “There is a rich and awe inspiring sense of camaraderie among Shluchim,” said Rabbi Kantor. “It is something which helps us stay connected throughout the year.”

The Kinus featured a full day of workshops, including a “Ten Talk,” with 10 Shluchim presenting strategies and proven methods of success in various areas of Shlichus. While each community is unique, there are many ideas that will prove to be helpful and applicable to many other communities.

In anticipation of Gimmel Tammuz, a panel discussion featuring Rabbi Yossi Deren, Rabbi Mordy Dinerman and Rabbi Efrayim Zaltzman was devoted to preparing for Gimmel Tammuz in a spiritual and practical way.

The day concluded with a lively banquet, which was addressed by numerous Shluchim and supporters, as well as Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos.  “This new beginning for Shluchim in one neighborhood in Connecticut fills all Shluchim with a sense of renewed energy and excitement. We are sure that that energy will be taken home to their respective Chabad Houses and will cause a reinvigorated effort to fulfill the Rebbe’s Shlichus of bring Moshiach.”

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