Hakhel To Be A Central Focus Of This Year’s Moshiach Office Programming

Hakhel To Be A Central Focus Of This Year’s Moshiach Office Programming

As the spirit of Elul continues to build and Rosh Hashanah 5783 inching over the horizon, the Tut Altz calendar for the upcoming year of Hakhel has been released and with it new programs for children and adults of all ages. Have a look at the calendar below for their complete list of programs and dates!

A branch of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, Tut Altz develops multifaceted programs focused on inspiring and educating Chassidim about the core purpose of our unique generation. Through innovative curriculums, ready-to-go events, and worldwide farbrengens, Tut Altz creates the tools to help people live Moshiach-oriented lives, ready to greet the Geulah.

Popular programs last year included Moshiach Mindset – a series of curated sichos from the Rebbe about living with a Geulah mindset, the Chof-Ches Nissan worldwide farbrengen, and the Ve’atah Tetzaveh kids’ curriculum that culminated in a creative and exciting contest where children used various multimedia to showcase what they learned.

“For the upcoming year, we have enhanced and expanded our curriculums,” says Mrs. Gitel Naparstek, co-director of the Moshiach Office. “In the spirit of Hakhel, we are focusing on implementing more gatherings and furthering our curriculums to reach a broader spectrum of families and communities.”

“I never imagined that it’s possible to learn with my ten-year-old core concepts in Chassidus in a way that he could actually understand,” relates Rabbi Shimon Binshtock, Shliach in Toronto, CA. “We used the Ve’atah Tetzaveh booklets from Tut Altz, learning a section a day. My son enjoyed it immensely, and we’d speak about the concepts we learned and how he sees them in his day-to-day life.” 

Some highlights for our communities to look forward to in 5783:

Tut Altz Kids

The Living with Geulah Now series is back, bigger and better than before! With three new lessons added to last year’s curriculum, this interactive learning program for students in grades 3-7 is now more wide-ranging and applicable to our youth. 

*NEW* Teachers’ Training Program – A monthly teachers’ training for the mechanchos and mechanchim teaching the Living with Geulah Now series, along with a teacher’s guide and teacher support line, is an exciting and welcome addition to the Tut Altz Kids program.

*NEW* Kids’ Hakhel – Once-a-month, half-hour live gatherings for students to wrap up what they’ve learned in a fun and exciting way!

For information on Tut Altz Kids programs, visit tutaltz.com/kids or email schools@tutaltz.com.

Tut Altz Women

*NEW* The Moshiach Mindset series, previously geared toward adults, is now available for high school and seminary students! Complete with a textbook, powerpoints, and discussion guides, teachers can teach The Moshiach Mindset in the classroom or assign it to students to learn b’chavrusa. For more info, visit tutaltz.com/women.

Tut Altz Anash 

Moshiach Week – A week of uniting, understanding, and implementing the Rebbe’s demand of Chof Ches Nissan: “Tut altz vos ir kent”—Do everything you can to bring Moshiach! Visit tutaltz.com/anash to learn more. 

“The Rebbe’s entire focus was to bring Moshiach, and that was his vision for us as well,” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “Our goal is to help make that vision a reality for every chossid.”

Keep an eye on the Tut Altz calendar for all the upcoming programs, learning curriculums, and events. Visit www.tutaltz.com to stay in the loop, and email info@tutaltz.com or call/WhatsApp 1-347-343-4514 for more info.


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