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Description of what we are doing for hachana.

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Mivtza Mezuzah
– Subsidized mezuzos for shluchim to affix in teen houses across the globe.
– Mezuzah scroll and case: $47 $7
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Rebbe Curriculum
A full program about the Rebbe, including a short biography, lessons, interactive learning, discussions, and activities.
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A selection of videos portraying the Rebbe’s interaction with children, and featuring sichos about the tremendous energy and power of children, which can translate into vast changes in society.
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Chavrusa Program
Learning b’chavrusa with a fellow shliach (either of your choice or paired up by Chazak) for a half hour a week until Gimmel Tammuz, from selected sichos and maamarim.
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Shiur on Ve’atah Tetzaveh
A four-part shiur on the maamar Ve’atah Tetzaveh with Rabbi Leibel Kaplan.
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Learning Material 
Special learning material to learn with your Jnet chavrusa, and for him to share with others.
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Divrei Torah
Divrei Torah for yaldei hashluchim to share at the Shabbos table, to be entered into a weekly raffle.
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Friday Night Dinner
A campaign to encourage young professionals to come to a special Friday night dinner in honor of Gimmel Tammuz, and to bring along a friend (using the hashtag #shabbat+1).
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JLI Resources Bringing the Rebbe to your Community
Torah Studies, Sparks of Wisdom Booklets, Paradigm Shift, Ohel Seminar, and more
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Merkos 302 Espanol

CTeen: Mivtza Mezuza
– Mezuzot subsidiadas para los shlujim para poner en las casas de adolescentes en todo el mundo.
–  Mezuza y estuche de mezuzá: $47 $7

– Gran farbrenguen en honor a Guimel Tamuz

– Anuncio de Mivtza de Hajlote

Clase especial Online para la gente de tu comunidad explicando la importancia de esta fecha

Farbrenguen Online para los shlujim y shlujot de paises de habla hispana

Material exclusivo para la fecha para utilizarlo con tu comunidad