Groundbreaking Torah Study Program Taking the Young Professional World by Storm

Groundbreaking Torah Study Program Taking the Young Professional World by Storm

CYP Academy, a new Torah study project created by Chabad Young Professionals International, is gaining traction among young professionals seeking to explore the relevance of Torah in their daily lives.

Attendance and interest in Torah study can be challenging for young professionals, with many of them balancing a demanding work schedule and social life, in addition to not seeing Torah’s significance in their daily lives. To address this challenge, Chabad Young Professionals International partnered with JLI to develop courses and resources curated specifically for young professionals’ needs and interests demonstrating how Torah study can be relevant and beneficial to their lives.

“The project is a real breakthrough in how we connect with young professionals,” said Rabbi Beryl Frankel, Director of CYP International at Merkos 302. “We now have the tools to bring them an authentic Torah experience, something many thought was not plausible for this demographic.”

For the pilot launch, CYP Academy rolled out the “Stop Chasing Happiness” course to a select group of shluchim. Over 500 young professionals from 30 communities attended the four-part course, which explored the Torah perspective on leading a joyful life. 

The course provided young professionals with valuable insights into the concept of joy and practical tools to attain it. “I left the class with inspiration on how I can apply gratitude to my life,” said Joel Davis from CYP Pittsburgh. “For example, I’ve now gotten into a routine of connecting with my parents at least once a day as an expression of gratitude.”

“I’ve learned to better connect with Torah learning and ideas that support the importance of myself as a Jew, of being happy and having purpose,” said Daniella Miranda, who attended the CYP Academy course at CYP Long Beach.

The success of the pilot launch has led to the rollout of a second course on Jewish dating, with future courses already being planned. 

“This is just the beginning,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “Seeing the thousands of young people in this crucial demographic feeling connected to Torah is truly inspiring. We look forward to bringing authentic Torah study to every young Jewish professional around the globe.”

To apply for CYP Academy or dedicate a course, contact or message Merkos 302 on Whatsapp.

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