Getting Ready for the Biggest Jewish Photo in the World

A new, standardized photo size has been set and additional bleachers have been ordered to accommodate the larger-than-ever crowd expected to gather for this year’s official shluchim photo, the Kinus office reports.

Large-group photographer Chaim Perl stands at the helm of the project, along with the Vaad HaKinus and the Bornstien family who coordinates the bleachers. They discussed this year’s changes to ensure that next Sunday’s momentous event goes without a hitch.

Largely unpublicized are the myriads of details involved in ensuring that a full-size color copy of the group photo can printed and delivered to the kinus banquet hall mere hours after the cameras’ shutters have clicked. This year, the Kinus office has partnered with an outside company who will print, frame and directly mail the images to Chabad Houses around the globe, allowing for quicker delivery time than ever before. pre-order your Kinus photo at registration and get a 10% discount. Framed and unframed photos will also be able to order at the banquet. In response to feedback from shluchim, the photos will now maintain a fixed size from year to year, allowing those who purchase custom frames to easily swap photos after each kinus.

Click on the link above for a video that offers a glimpse into the complexities and details involved in producing the shluchim’s and shluchos’ group photos.

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