FreedoMan, Tzivos Hashem Lego Superhero is back

FreedoMan, the CKids – Tzivos Hashem Lego Superhero, is back! Children at model seders from the Hague in the Netherlands to London, UK, and across North America, are heatedly competing in the Freedom Challenge, under the able directorship of FreedoMan.

In the Freedom Challenge, children rid themselves of Chometz and prepare for Pesach with exciting competitions, exhilarating challenges, and awesome prizes. They can follow the Freedom Challenge online and in the KIDS magazine.

This year’s Freedom Challenge is on a completely new level, with a state-of-art Family Game Show featuring Kaddesh musical chairs, Marror Freaky Pharaoh Says, and more!

Rabbi Motti Flikshtein, shliach to Wilmington, DE, related, “We did our FreedoMan model seder yesterday and it was a huge hit! Parents kept on telling me that they wished they had known how amazing it was earlier — they would have let all of their friends know. I really hope FreedoMan comes again next year.”

Children who beat all their goals become Freedom Champs and enter a whole range of raffles for absolutely amazing prizes. This year’s grand prize beats them all though, with a full day trip to to Disney World, Orlando,  including flights for three, three full day tickets to the Disney World park, and dinner for three at a local Kosher restaurant.

“One mother came with her 5 year old daughter to our FreedoMan model seder,” said another shliach related. “She was so impressed that she decided to send her daughter to our Hebrew School next semester!”

To follow FreedoMan around the world live, click here.

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