Foundation Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with JLI, Providing Grants to 13 Communities

A groundbreaking partnership between JLI and the Kohelet Foundation was announced at JLI’s annual conference.  The foundation will award grants of up to $1,000 to 13 participating Jewish Day Schools located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Tennessee towards the tuition of every parent who attends JLI courses.

The Kohelet Foundation dedicates its resources to maximizing the impact of Jewish day school education and fostering a lifelong interest in learning about Judaism in the students.  16 Shluchim located near the participating schools will be establishing JLI classes to accommodate the parents.  It is expected that three to four hundred parents will participate in the program in the first year.

Addressing the 320 shluchim at the JLI conference, JLI’s principal benefactor Mr. George Rohr praised the new initiative and expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for its vision and commitment for the furtherance of Jewish education.

JLI’s Chairman, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky said, “The partnership with Kohelet presents an unprecedented opportunity for JLI chapters to reach new segments of the Jewish community”. He added, “This is one of many new, innovative initiatives being launched to drastically expand JLI’s student base in 300 cities across the globe”.

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