Fly Free: A Personal Story of Freedom

Fly Free: A Personal Story of Freedom

Mrs. Resnick recounts a personal encounter with the Rebbe in an excerpt from the upcoming Yud Aleph Nissan program from Merkos 302.

A specially created program for Chabad Houses around the world to celebrate the Rebbe’s 119th birthday, Fly Free, includes a new documentary of personal freedom, inspired by encounters with the Rebbe. Watch Mrs. Resnick recount her personal life story, and be inspired by the Rebbe’s timeless guidance. Filmed and edited by Berel Groner.

Fly Free is available to stream in your Chabad House in honor of Yud Aleph Nissan. Sign up at

The program will premiere for the public on Wednesday, March 24, Yud Aleph Nissan.

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