Fire Up My Chanukah – Nightly Geulah Message

Fire Up My Chanukah – Nightly Geulah Message

In the age of Social Media, Shluchim and Anash are constantly searching for new ways to utilize these tools to spread Torah and Judaisim to millions around the world.

This search has just grown in the most recent months as families are stuck at home, turning to online platforms for inspiration. 

In preparation for this Chanukah, the team of Moshiach Campaign at Merkos 302 have made that search all the more easier. 

Join the hundreds of Shluchim, Bochurim, men and women of Anash, who’ve signed up to receive free short video clips for each night of Chanukah with a powerful and inspiring message of Geulah by Rabbi Dov Greenberg of Chabad of Stanford University. Each message is followed by a classic Jewish song presented by Boruch Sholom and Fitche Benshimon that is bound to stir the hearts of one and all.

The most thoughtful thing you can do this Chanukah is to send some inspiration to the screens of those who are in need of a dose of meaning and ‘Fire Up Their Chanukah”.

These videos are available with Hebrew subtitles for your Hebrew speaking contacts!

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