Final Preps Underway for Highly Anticipated Teen Shabbaton

Source: Chabad House Compass Express

Excitement is building for the National Teen Shabbaton to begin this Friday in Brooklyn, NY. CTeen’s headquarters in Merkos Suite 302 high atop 770 is a hub of activity as staffers rush to finish the final preparations for the big event.

“We have 225 teens flying in from around the country and even beyond,” says an excited Benzion Treitel, the event coordinator. “It’s the largest event in our history. Hundreds of sweatshirts were packed and folded and dozens of VIP passes have been printed. Everything is being made ready for our most important guests.”

Crown Heights will serve as the backdrop to this event. The hospitable community is often called upon to host Shabbatons, and their unique blend of gracious kindness only serves to impress and inspire the visitors.

The VIP Shabbaton will take the teens on tours to many of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s famous sights. One of the highlights will be a glamorous VIP Jewish Teen Yacht Event on Motzei Shabbos; including a meaningful Havdallah ceremony, hor d’ouvres and a lavish dinner, a stroll down the red carpet as paparazzi bulbs flash, exciting activities and multimedia presentations.

Rabbi Mendel Perlstein, director of CTeen says, “The event is designed to give the teens a feeling of self worth and to inspire them to meet their true potential as very important people in G-d’s plan for the world.”

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