Farbengen Ships in a Box

When you think of a farbrengen, you may picture a venerable mashpia, perhaps with a long white beard, expounding on the intricate teachings of our Rebbeim as they pertain to daily life.

What you don’t expect is a head table with young boys or girls, talking, encouraging, and inspiring an uplifted crowd. But if you’d been present in tens of shluchim’s homes this past Chai Elul, you’d have seen children, no older than nine or ten, leading their family and friends in lively farbrengens—a truly awesome sight.

How did these young yaldei hashluchim manage to pull it off, you ask?

It’s simple. MyShliach has done it again.

MyShliach has just launched “Farbrengen in a Box,” a new initiative that has catapulted the new year’s wide range of programs—and the yaldei hashluchim for whom they are geared—to unprecedented heights.

The mission is to empower these boys and girls, and their parents, with a ready-made, kid-friendly and comprehensive farbrengen/rally package.

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos Suite 302, explains, “The Rebbe stressed the power of children—והשיב לב אבות על ידי בנים—and this was an area we felt would be enhanced by this initiative. MyShliach has been providing resources to yaldei hashluchim for some time now, and this latest program is a tremendous accomplishment.”

Delivered to the shluchim’s inbox or door with the click of a button, each Farbrengen in a Box comes with a fully designed custom text for the children to read aloud, including a chassidishe story, vertelach, niggunim to sing, and a takeaway message explained in a child-friendly manner, along with a suggested farbrengen schedule. This in addition to a beautifully crafted game, arts-and-crafts, and other entertainment options—all emphasizing the theme of the day—booklets of the 12 Pesukim, a colorful card of the Rebbe’s kapitel with translation, a custom set of raffle tickets, magnificent prizes, and more.

The wealth of material adds excitement and structure to a typical run-of-the-mill farbrengen. One shlucha noted: “The materials you provided really helped set the tone. The game was so much fun and you provided a story! Overall, it turned a usual 15-minute ordeal into an hour of growth. Thank you!”

WIth the potential to be used for a family rally, farbrengen, or community event, Farbrengen in a Box’s flexibility is key to its success, as Rabbi Chayim Mishulovin, shliach to Portland, Oregon, shared: “Our yaldei hashluchim facilitated a farbrengen for Anash using their Farbrengen in a Box and six families participated. It was incredible! We couldn’t have had more nachas watching our children talk about the importance and beauty of this day. We can’t wait for the next one!”

The next Farbrengen in a Box is scheduled for 19 Kislev. For more information, email MyShliach at info@myshliach.com.

MyShliach is a project of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch’s Suite 302.

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