Family Fun Day Brings Excitement to Hebrew School Families All Year Round

The four times yearly Family Fun Day for families of children attending Hebrew School at Chabad of Bradenton, Florida is an experience not be missed!  Each year presents a new theme, and each Fun Day, a new activity.

Led by shlucha Mrs. Chanie Bukiet, children aged 5-12 recently enjoyed a year round “Mitzvah  Factory” themed program, beginning in Tishrei with the “Tishrei Mitzvah Factory.”  Children and their parents  donned hard hats upon entering the brightly decorated “factory,” set up with honey bottling assembly lines.  After  bottling and labeling Rosh Hashanah honey jars, the children were encouraged to share the sweetness of the holiday with others by baking Challah to be delivered to members of the community and decorating Shanah Tovah cards to be sent to Israeli soldiers.

Chanukah brought a tremendous toy factory to Chabad of Bradenton, with children competing in a contest to see who could collect and bring the most toys in to be wrapped.  Children and their families gathered to wrap each and every gift, later to be sent to children in a Jewish orphanage.

In honor of Purim, children enjoyed creating and assembling Mishloach Manos at “Purim in the Chocolate Factory,” entering into a raffle for great prizes by sending in a photo of themselves giving their Mishloach Manos to another person.

The Pesach Seder Factory found children and their parents assembling various Seder Plate components in small plastic containers, bringing home the entire “Seder in a Box.”

“The way you decorate the room makes all the difference,” claims Mrs. Chanie Bukiet.  “There is an air of excitement, with parents  joining their children for fun filled afternoons focused on giving to others.  It makes for great PR as well.”

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