Shluchos Expo debuts at kinus

Representing an array of more than thirty of Chabad’s most successful programs, The Shluchos Expo made its debut Friday at the International Kinus of Shluchos. Held in the main ballroom of Oholei Torah in Crown Heights, more than 200 shluchos were on hand Friday to give firsthand experience to more than 1000 of their colleagues, of methods that are effective in their respective fields.

“With Shluchos spread out all over the globe, The Shluchos Expo fills a critical void,” says Haddasah Geisinsky, expo coordinator. “It provides shluchos with the opportunity gain knowledge from those who have succeeded in their field.”

One of those shluchos is Grunie Uminer, shlucha in Chestnut hill, Boston. Uminer, who is representing “summer camps” at the expo, has over 250 children attend her camp each year.

“The expo gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with our fellow shluchos in programs that have been tried and tested”, Uminer said.

While the shluchos have forum’s a whole year, like and Beis Medrash L’shluchos, in which they are able to give assistance and guidance to those who need it, the expo is an innovative idea designed to further this connection.

Praising this new initiative, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of the International Kinus said, “This is a great opportunity for Shluchos to come together under one roof and share their expertise in the programs they run, this takes the idea of “Ish Es R’aehu Y’azoru” to a whole new level.

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