Exclusive: Mishpacha Magazine Interviews Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky

Exclusive: Mishpacha Magazine Interviews Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky

When the guests show up at the Chabad House for an event, program, or Shabbos meal, they see the lovely finished product. The Shliach with a warm beaming smile, the Shlucha gracious and calm in a coiffed sheitel. Businessmen, travelers, tourists, and more come through the front doors to be greeted by set tables, perfect challahs, and happy kids.

But today the Jewish world is curious for a peek behind the curtain. They want to know about the hard work that goes into being the Rebbe’s man or woman on the front lines and to gain insight into the global network of Shluchim. 

Mishpacha Magazine’s Sruly Besser sat down with Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky of Merkos 302 to hear about Shlichus from an entirely different side. 

We invite you to listen in and hear about the challenges that Shluchim overcome on a continuous basis, the unique situations that they are constantly challenged to rise above.

Hear about the direction and guidance that Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky received from the Rebbe to support and uplift the shluchim, and get a peek at the powerful relationship between Rabbi Mendy and his father.

Explore the ways in which Merkos 302 continues to streamline and expand the work that the Rebbe entrusted Rabbi Moshe with, both in empowering and assisting the Shluchim to expand the reach and impact of their holy work, and in caring for each Shliach and their family in a personal way.  

And be inspired by the endless dedication and care of each Shliach and Shlucha to their life-long mission, of reaching every Jew with love and making the Rebbe’s vision of a G-dly world into a thriving reality.

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