Event-in-a-Box: A Novel Yud Shevat Initiative for Women Across the Globe

Event-in-a-Box: A Novel Yud Shevat Initiative for Women Across the Globe

An event in a box? You heard right. Launched this week in honor of the upcoming Yud Shvat, this box contains the resources for an all-encompassing hachana. Created as a grassroots effort—requested by women and geared for women—the Event-in-a-Box, a part of the new women’s division at the Moshiach Office of Merkos 302, will be the first of its kind.

The box is for women who arrange Yud Shvat events in their local communities, seminary madrichot seeking a Yud Shevat program, or High Schools teachers and G.O.s looking for something of the like.

The package includes a customizable flyer, ideas for the event program, a video presentation, and decor ideas with amazon links. “We wanted to make it easy for women to create their own programs, whether they’re large-scale Nshei Chabad projects or smaller, personal learning nights,” explains Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, co-director of the Moshiach Office. “In whatever manner it’s utilized, the Event-in-a-Box provides everything needed to make it happen.”

While the entire program is available for free online (register at TutAltz.com/women), the box is ready for purchase at a minimal cover fee with beautifully designed printed curricula. The branding is professionally created with a feminine touch, and the decor ideas are perfect to enhance any table. 

And what’s the hachana about? As part of Tut Altz’s six-part series, which was introduced this year, the Yud Shvat hachana will contain elements from their latest segment: Transcend: Engaging Without Becoming is an innovative curriculum that explores how we are tasked with yet fully capable of adopting a geulah-perspective even while living in this current, irrefutable golus reality and the primary function of a Nasi who instills that ability in the members of his generation.

“We are very excited regarding the new women’s division at the Moshiach Office,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director at Merkos 302. “Nshei Chabad leaders across the globe are already using the hachana and we’re looking forward to its continued success. Our goal for this year’s women’s hachana is to reach 60 Nshei Chabad and women’s groups around the world!”

“These resources are incredible,” says Mrs. Chaya Vogel, resident of Crown Heights. “So many women can benefit from them and I hope that this is only the beginning of many more!”

This first-ever project is sponsored in loving memory of Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky A”H.

So whether you’ll be using the Event-in-a-Box or its identical online version, be sure to register your community up today at TutAltz.com/women

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