Educational trip to israel by ‘Chabad on Campus’

Chabad on Campus “IsraeLinks” three week educational adventure, linking our Land, our People and our Heritage, left last Thursday from New York’s JFK Airport.

Israelinks consists of two trips of forty students per trip this summer. The students will review ancient and contemporary source materials, explore exciting historical venues, participate in mentored discussions about Judaism, as well as discover firsthand the social, religious and political composition of the Holy Land.

“The trip is designed to connect the students to the past, present and future of the Jewish people and bring it to life through a comprehensive learning and touring experience of Israel,” said Rabbi Yossy Gordon, Executive Vice President of Chabad on Campus International Foundation, the sponsor of Israelinks.

Directed by Rabbi Yossi and Chaya Witkes, and led by staff members Rabbi Zalman and Yehudis Bluming, Shluchim at Duke University, and Rabbi Eli Silberstein, director of Chabad at Cornell and an accomplished lecturer and author of JLI courses, Israelinks is sure to leave a lasting impact on the students and empower them to take leadership roles in Jewish life on campus and beyond.

Guest speakers include Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov, Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, Anita Tucker. They will also hear from political leaders, media mavens and activists such as Gil Hoffman and the David Project. The group will be visiting Mayanot Yeshiva, historically significant and holy places in the north and centre of Israel, and will be based in the holy cities of Jerusalem and Tzfat. The logistical aspect of the trip is being coordinated by Rabbi Chaim Notik and his wife.

The second Israelinks trip is planned for the latter half of the summer and will be lead by Rabbi Zalman and Miriam Lipskar and the internationally acclaimed educator and orator Rabbi Yossi Jacobson.

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