Delegation of Romanian Jewish Leaders Pray at the Ohel

Late last Thursday night the head of the Jewish Federation of Romania, Dr. Ariel Weiner and the CEO of the Joint in the Balkan region, Mr. Yisrael Sabag, visited the Ohel.

The visit was arranged as part of the preparations for a special symposium in honor of Gimmel Tammuz scheduled to take place Tuesday in Bucharest, Romania.

The guests were greeted at the Ohel by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos, Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos Suite 302, and Rabbi Dovi Rabinowitz of JLI, and discussed Chabad’s activities, especially in Romania, before preparing to enter the Ohel.

Mr. Sabag related that on their way to the Ohel they stopped two young Chabad men and asked them, ‘what is Chabad’? One answered ‘Ve’ahavta LeReiacha Kamocha’, love of fellow Jews, while the second said that Chabad is concern and care for every Jew everywhere. Mr. Sabag concluded that this is indeed the job description of all Chabad Shluchim.

Dr. Weiner is a long time acquaintance of Rabbi Kotlarsky from his visits to Romania, and was very moved by the memories brought up during the conversation. The friends reminisced about the different missions of the Rebbe regarding Romanian Jewry that Rabbi Kotlarsky carried out with the cooperation of then Chief Rabbi Dr. Moshe Rosen and the former head of the Jewish Federation Dr. Nikolai Kajal. The special relationship between the Rebbe and Chief Rabbi Menachem HaKohen and the activities of Rabbi Yisrael Tzvi Heber who served the Jewish community as a Shochet were also mentioned.

After writing a Pan and lighting candles, the group entered the Ohel where they prayed for the Jewish community of Romania and Europe in general. Dr. Weiner thanked the Rebbe on behalf of all of the Romanian Jewish communities for the extensive work carried out in the summer months by the Merkos Shluchim, including Minyanim, Shabbos meals and Tefillin laying, which breathe new life into the communities across Romania.

The visit concluded with positive resolutions regarding the continued cooperation between the Jewish Federation and Merkos’ Cteen and Young Professionals programs.

Chabad of Romania thanks Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and his son Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky for coordinating and hosting the visit.


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